miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012


Hello bloggers!
Long time no see..
Well...I’m just here to honor some blogs but I wish it was all since they are all splendid >.<

About months ago I received a nomination for the Liebster Blogging Award from Luna Ch

Liebster is a German word that simply means beloved or dearest, and the award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve acknowledgment and support to keep writing (:

The Rules:

1. Name 5 blogs with at least 200 followers

2. Leave them a comment on their blog

It was really difficult to pick 5 blogs but I think every blog deserves it

I nominate these 5 blogs for the “Liebster Blog”

- Lovely-RoseTH by her blog .-**Historias de Mobius**-.

- **Pina The Hedgehog** by her blog Dragon Ball *Sega Pina*

- /*/Maion\*\~/*/Condo\*\ by her blog Maion the hedgehog

-Love Star by her blog SONIC X2

- July*** by her blog ***¡¡¡AmY y LiNa RoSe !!!***

 I want to thank everybody who reads both of my blogs and comments and for you all having the most amazing stories >_<


Quiero agradecer a todos que leen ambos blogs mio y dejan sus lindos comentarios. Tambien a todos ustedes por tener gradiosas historias (:

Pero todavia no se terminan los premios...hay mas!

El siguiente premio es para los blogs “Untröstlich Engel”

-***AsHLeY*** por su blog ** The DeSiRe**♥ 

Link por su blog El Blog De Super Smash Bros. Brawl

-Love Star por su blog SONIC X2
※∴*Angela*∴※ por su blog Sonic Adventure Rings

Mauc por su blog
Vida espiritual: Milia the Hedgehog

El proximo premio se titula "Blog Encantador"

Los ganadores son:

-Pina por su blog
Dragon Ball *Sega Pina*
-Chantarelle por su blog
* My Sweet DarKnesS*

-Lovely-RoseTH por su blog
.-**Historias de Mobius**-.

-Leslie Aylin (Melody Heart The Hedgehog- * ♥♥.....Amy Rose: Historias jamas contadas.....♥♥ *

y el ultimo premio va para “Premio a un gran escritor”

-***AsHLeY*** por su blog ** The DeSiRe**♥ 

-Chantarelle por su blog
Mi ÚlTiMo SuSPiRo

-Love Star por su blog

-Maion por su blog
Maion the hedgehog

sonamy-fan-4ever por su blog -sonamy love-

Este siguiente premio es para todo mis seguidores:

Happy Halloween!

Saludos ^^

Sincerely, Black Rose..